Key Holders

"Never Lose Your Keys Again"

Oops! I’ve lost my keys again

Have you ever been frustrated looking for your keys?

Honey, where are the car keys?

 Does that sound familiar?

Have you ever lost your car keys?

You say I’m sure I left them on the table

After searching for 20-minutes, the frustrating call goes out

With a loud voice you scream, has anyone seen my keys?

 Now everyone in the family is searching for your keys

You can’t even remember where you put the spare key

 Would you like to have your keys handy?

To never lose your keys again

Let me give you an easy solution to the problem

Below, you will see many key holders

They come in various shapes and sizes

Easy to attach to the wall with flush mounting

 Easy to reach as you walk in the door

Just place your keys on the key holder

When you’re ready to walk out the door

Just grab your set of keys

They come in various sizes

And also come in attractive styles

Ease your mind and buy one today

Maybe you know a friend who always loses their keys

Buy one as a gift

Each time they grab their keys they’ll think of you

"Never look for your keys again"

All products are attractive and made from pine. If you wish a different type of wood
e.g. oak, maple, cherry etc. Contact me and I can give you a price 

Pine Three Crosses Key Holder 

Five Pegs $60

Not as shown picture is oak

Pine Eagle Key Holder 

(17"x5") Eight pegs $60

 Not as shown picture is oak

Pine Window, Cross and Praying Hands
Key Holder three pegs $60

Pine Jesus Key Holder Five Pegs $60

Not as shown picture is oak

Pine Alberta Key Holder

 Five Pegs $60 

Pine Horse Key Holder

Five Pegs $60

Pine Ensenada Key Holder

Five Pegs $60 

Pine Jesus (straight style) Key Holder

Five pegs $60

Pine Collie Dog Key Holder

Three pegs $60

Pine Dove with Twig Key Holder

Five Pegs $60

Pine Mustang Key Holder

Three Pegs $60

Pine Calvary Three Cross Key Holder

Five Pegs $80

Pine Toronto Maple Leafs Key Holder

Three Pegs $70

Pine Jesus (slanted both sides) Key Holder

Five Pegs $60 

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